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Excellent Business Systems to Compliment Excellent Clinical Care
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-Compliant Documentation
-Reporting and Benchmarking
-Fee Schedule Review and Contract Auditing
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-Leading a Team
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-Leadership and Goal Setting
-Administration Skill and Development
-Patient-Centered Solutions
-Branding and Advertising
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“When I think of the perfect mentor, I think of Connie Ziccarelli. She exhibits the traits and behavior that make her an excellent mentor and educator. She has the ability to give honest and direct feedback, a respectful attitude and eagerness to invest in others. Connie demonstrates enthusiasm when sharing her expertise and leaves the recipient with confidence to apply the knowledge. I owe so much of my confidence and energy to her guidance and leadership.”

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At Guidepost, I champion independent Healthcare Providers & Administrators in private practice. Understanding and valuing the complexities of being in the healthcare business; feeling at times, you are a “David” in a “Goliath” industry. 

“I Value what You Value!”

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