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5 Proactive Solutions to Assure a Healthy Revenue Cycle

5 Proactive Solutions to Assure a Healthy Revenue Cycle





This course will set you up with 5 solutions to solve the biggest struggles that pin down Accounts Receivable Management:


  • Establishing an effective and compliant Financial Policy & Procedure

  • Confidently communicating repayment expectations to patients

  • Improve current patient billing efforts

  • The 3 letters that will grab the attention of patients and when to use them

  • Importance of documentation procedures throughout the collection process

This course will offer healthcare professionals insights on the critical success factors to improve the quality of their Accounts Receivables. We will provide practical ways to set up effective solutions that include proactive safeguards for Accounts Receivables and collection workflows that directly impact the bottom line, all done while keeping patients raving fans of the practice.



Begin the journey with the 1st course on โ€œ5 Proactiveย  Solutions for Effective Accounts Receivable Management in the HealthCare Private Practice Setting,โ€ย  a web event.




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