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Denials, Ouch! Reduce Denied Claims with Effective Solutions

Denials, Ouch! Reduce Denied Claims with Effective Solutions




This course is for you if you want to reduce claim denials and medical necessity denials.  This training will give an in-depth look at:


  • The anatomy of a Claim Form ~ who does what

  • Why proactive insurance verification is a VITAL benchmark

  • How to incorporate a compliant self-audit technique

  • How to spot denials quickly and turnaround swiftly

  • Examples of effective Medical Necessity letters

Claim denials are an added cost to any healthcare business.  The best way to reduce denials is to manage the billing cycle proactively.  Reduced service reimbursements and write-offs not only affect the practice, it shows weakness to your patients. Confidence in your practice’s billing protocols is what keeps patients engaged with you and builds trust.  Attendees will gain proficiency in pre-billing audit activities, understanding denial codes and actions to resolve and overturn denials compliantly.


Picking up the pace with the 3rd course on “Denials, Ouch! Reduce Denied Claims with Effective Solutions” a web event.



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