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Cheryl Garcia

Cheryl's tenure at Centene Corporation, spanning over 30 years, infused her with invaluable skills in time management and communication across diverse organizational layers, which she now brings to Guidepost Practice Management Solutions tribe as a Project Manager since August 2023. With her background as a Project Manager in Medical Management and roles as a Business Analyst, Compliance Analyst, and Regional Training & Development Specialist, Cheryl's versatility is evident. Notably, she represented Arizona as a Subject Matter Expert in the development of a web-based Medical Management documentation system. Beyond her professional prowess, Cheryl's commitment to efficient time allocation and adept communication ensures that Guidepost maintains a strategic advantage in initiating and sustaining successful projects. By facilitating seamless collaboration among team members and stakeholders and providing clear updates and strategies across all levels of the organization, Cheryl enhances Guidepost's ability to navigate complexities and achieve sustained project success. Outside of work, Cheryl finds joy in her marriage, road trips, card games, singing, and reading, rounding out her multifaceted contributions to the team.


Brenda Grumley

Hi. My name is Brenda Grumley. I bring Guidepost Practice Management Solutions over 30 years of experience in private practice physical therapy management. My expertise in Revenue Cycle Management includes UB (institutional) and CMS 1500 (professional) billing processes. I have a proven track record of accurate billing with reimbursement on the first claim submission.  Finding variances in the revenue cycle and correcting them is my forte. Early in my career, I taught Adult Education classes at our local community college.  With that experience I am able to use different types of teaching techniques to deliver challenging concepts. Wanting to further my career, I joined the Private Practice Section of the American Physical Therapy Association. I was the administrative liaison to the Program Work Group Committee for 6 years.  During my tenure, I assisted in the creation of the Private Practice Administrator Certification Program.  For two years I’ve been the Administrative Network Chair for the Private Practice Section. This experience has provided me with a network of colleagues and industry leaders to help keep me on the forefront of the ever-changing environment in private practice physical therapy. In my free time, I enjoy spending time in the beautiful outdoors hiking, biking, camping, and exploring the historical areas of Colorado and other surrounding areas. My passion is playing tennis and squeezing in court time whenever I can. I look forward to bringing my knowledge to the Guidepost community


Axzel Yadan

Axzel is a dedicated and accomplished licensed physical therapist who seamlessly merges his clinical expertise with a keen understanding of healthcare business operations. With a specialization in the revenue cycle, particularly in resolving claim denials and rejections, Axzel has become a pivotal figure in optimizing the healthcare reimbursement processes. Having earned his degree in Physical Therapy, Axzel embarked on a career path driven by a passion for patient care and healthcare administration's intricate workings. He has honed his expertise in addressing claim denials and rejections, identifying underlying issues, and implementing effective strategies to minimize revenue loss. His proactive approach and attention to detail have significantly improved reimbursement rates for the clinics he has served. Beyond his role as a clinician and revenue cycle specialist, Axzel is deeply committed to sharing his knowledge and expertise with others. As a trusted trainer for fellow Guidepost Tribe members, he imparts invaluable insights and best practices, empowering colleagues to navigate the ever-evolving healthcare reimbursement landscape confidently and proficiently.

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