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If you’re interested in attending one of our workshops or if you’d like to arrange a session for your team, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.  You can email us at We look forward to hearing from you and discussing how we can accommodate your needs!

March 2024

GP103: Mastering Pre-Billing Audits: Ensuring Clean Claims and Compliance

Course Description:

Designed specifically for practice owners, administrators, and billing staff, this workshop addresses the critical aspects of clean claim billing. With a staggering 66% of denials originating from controllable factors within the practice, it becomes imperative to delve into the essentials of ensuring clean claims.

The cornerstone of a robust compliance plan, the pre-billing audit, serves as a proactive measure for self-auditing. By meticulously scrubbing encounters for accurate patient demographic and insurance information, practices can significantly mitigate denials and amplify revenue streams.

This workshop goes beyond merely highlighting the significance of pre-billing audits; it equips participants with practical strategies to seamlessly implement this crucial process within their practice environments. Through interactive sessions and hands-on demonstrations, attendees will gain actionable insights into streamlining their billing procedures and fortifying their revenue cycles.



  1. Understanding the critical role of pre-billing audits in clean claim billing.

  2. Identifying controllable factors contributing to claim denials.

  3. Leveraging pre-billing audits as a proactive measure to enhance revenue generation.

  4. Exploring tools to facilitate efficient pre-billing audit processes.

Whether you’re a seasoned practice owner, a diligent administrator, or part of the billing team, this workshop empowers you to proactively address billing challenges and optimize revenue streams through comprehensive pre-billing audits. Join us to unlock the potential of clean claim billing and propel your practice towards financial success.

Feb 2024

GP102: Managed Care Contract Audit


  • Importance of auditing third-party payor contract
  • Compliance with payment terms
  • Excellent training tool for entire clinic team
  • Interactive Q&A session


Course Description

This course is designed for the practice owner &/or Administrator


Regularly scheduled contract audits are the best way to know what’s working well and what needs additional attention or training in your practice.  Auditing assures that proper payments are being made, correct bookkeeping is happening and most of all, that the tenants of your agreement are being honored.  This workshop is the perfect way to start this important compliance activity.

Jan 2024

GP101: Managed Care Maintenance


  • Basic understanding of third-party payor contracts
  • Understand the most relevant components of a contract
  • Discuss fee schedule management
  • Interactive Q&A session


Course Description

This course is designed for the practice owner &/or Administrator


Understanding the scope of the contract can be daunting.  We’ll break it down during this workshop.  You must know what services are covered in the contract, what licensure is covered, what are the covered services and/or CPT, DME or wellness codes.  We’ll walk through the compensation details of the contract – what’s the reimbursement metrics, time parameters for submission of a clean and complete claim, and the rules for billing participants.  What about fee schedule maintenance?  We’ll show you where you can find them & update them.   We’ll give you practical solutions to manage your contracts on a quarterly schedule.

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