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Courage and Conviction in HealthCare Entrepreneurs

The entrepreneurial spirit encompasses much courage and conviction, resourcefulness, trailblazing, as well as enthusiasm. Without a doubt, those who choose to go into private practice healthcare take a large risk.



In light of a recent opportunity,  I’ve been inspired to recall why I chose to pursue a career in the private practice healthcare setting as well as enjoyed professional development in the discipline of physical therapy.

This past November, I hosted a Zoom presentation for a group of out-patient, physical therapy practice owners.  During the professional development presentation, I was thrilled with the energy and enthusiasm among these professionals regarding their practices and their staff.  These dynamic physical therapy entrepreneurs renewed my excitement regarding the opportunity medical professionals have to go into private practice and how they are making a difference and thriving even during a national health crisis.



The experience also reminded me why entrepreneurialism is so rewarding. With the opportunity to be in private practice, we are capable of making a strong difference in our communities and limber enough to swiftly change direction as needs arise.  Healthcare professionals who dive into business for themselves find that they are rewarded beyond their expectations from their community and the patients they serve. The professional development needed to open a physical therapy practice is not as big as one would think, the investment in yourself and the courage to invest in your community is the first step on the path.



Today, I encourage you to hold gratitude and say “thank-you” for any opportunity that can allow you to own a business and most importantly, fostering a reason for continued professional development.  

Take a moment to remember why you decided to go into healthcare and consider the possibilities of owning a business that could accentuate your strengths! With the new year beginning and the light is at the end of the pandemic tunnel, I suggest you take time to reflect on how far you’ve come and how you are positioned to soar even higher!

No matter what healthcare setting you serve, I commend the 24/7/365d day commitment to professional development in medicine  — a field with an ever-changing environment that constantly requires flexibility and daily conviction to a larger purpose.


Excellence is never an accident ~









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